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“The Full-Body Balance Solution” Learn More


Are you a Personal Trainer looking for something new and innovative for your customers? Helping clients create a solid working balance is a great way for them to efficiently reach their goals. Would you like to use instability tools in your sessions, bringing a sense of challenge and fun to your customers? If so, you will absolutely love working with B-BOARD® !

B-BOARD® can be used in different ways:

Use the B-BOARD® logo located at the center of the BOARD® as a reference point enabling your customers to practice Squats, Burpees, Rocking, and Lunges. Use B-BOARD® for all of the Yoga positions like warrior, tree pose, chair pose...

Use the B-BOARD® logo to center your body! This position is the beginning for Yoga combinations and Pilates' movements to strengthen the back muscles. Your customers can do push-ups with the instability, immediately feeling the benefits of this type of training.

It’s time to do some crunches! Your customers will feel the difference due to the instability of the B-BOARD®! They will be able to control their body and coordinate their movements depending on the movement of the BOARD®!

You can use the B-BOARD® mixing movements on the ground and on the B-BOARD®! This is a good way to optimize the benefits of the instability, focusing on balance.

Place your B-BOARD® upside down on the ground and use the inflated bottom part for more diversity in your training! Customers will love jumping on the B-BOARD® and will quickly feel the benefits! Jogging in place feels like running on the sand at the beach and utilizes all the muscles in the feet.