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Is B-BOARD® easy to inflate?

Yes! Thanks to the HP pump with 2-speeds, it will take less than 3-minutes to inflate your B-BOARD®. To start inflation of your B-BOARD® connect the red valve (faster) and finish without the valve (easier).

Is B-BOARD® easy to deflate?

Yes! You simply press on the spring and turn to release the pressure. The B-BOARD® is easy to fold. When folding start from the nose working towards to the valve.

Do I need to deflate B-BOARD® after each use?

No! While it is very easy to deflate, you can keep your B-BOARD® inflated for your next session. Of course, you may want to use the inflation as a warm up. In that case, you can deflate your B-BOARD® after each use and store it in the Transport Bag.

May I use B-BOARD® into the water?

Yes, you can! For that, you need to deflate the bottom part otherwise it will be very unstable. Remember your B-BOARD® is not a stand up paddle board but you can check out our AQUA STAND UP® or

May I use my own resistance tubes?

Yes! You can inflate the bottom part of B-BOARD® depending on the level of instability you desire your training and the physical benefits you want to reach using B-BOARD®.

Is there a training video that I can use for my home training?

Yes! You can have unlimited access to our online videos! Check this out!