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B-Board® BOOST
B-Board® BOOST

B-Board® BOOST is a Full Body Workout combining a variety of different fitness techniques using balance as the cornerstone. B-Board® BOOST accelerates your metabolism and engages your core muscles unlike any workout on stable ground, thus optimizing your results. Choreographed to music, B-Board® BOOST is a fun 45-minute workout. Routine Modifications and variations will be provided by the Trainer helping you to achieve your personal physical and health goals.

My balance isn't very good and I’m afraid I won't be able to stand up on the B-Board®.

The bottom of the B-Board® is inflatable and for your first session is adjusted for low instability until you become more proficient. The Trainer will be there to explain exactly the best ways to use B-Board®.

I’m afraid I won't be able to follow the routine movements for a whole 45-minutes session.

The Trainer will be there to help you to complete your session. In addition, there are a number of workout modifications the Trainer can make enabling you to continue and complete the workout.

I’ve got problems with my joints. Is B-Board® a good fit for my training?

Yes ! B-Board® is actually based on proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body) allowing you to strengthen the joints (ankles, knees and hips). The proprioception is also very useful for preventing injuries like sprain or dislocation. Proprioception is also a good way to reconnect mind and body preventing falls.


B-Board® BREATHE is a combination of mind body exercises like Pilates, Yoga and stretching that improves your mobility, flexibility and balance in a relaxing way with beautiful songs.

I’ve never practiced Pilates or Yoga.

B-Board® BREATHE is a great workout based on Pilates and Yoga but takes it all to a higher level. You will practice stretching poses for your mobility and flexibility along with relaxation to reconnect mind and body together as one. The Trainer will give you various adaptations and suggest modifications to help you to achieve the exercises and the poses for your personal bio rhythms.


B-Board® BOUNCE is a fun 30-minute class dedicated for children learning how to move, jump and bounce. Some exercises will help them to stay focused like Yoga combinations and others will help them to channel their exuberant overflowing energy.

Is B-Board® BOUNCE safe for my children’s growth?

Yes! All the movements will be done on the B-Board® and, as B-Board® is inflatable, the air will reduce the tension on their joints. B-Board® BOUNCE is based on playing, moving, jumping, smiling, what children do all day long ! They need to spend energy and need also to focus on cues. For that reason, they will practice also some Yoga combinations.